You can always count on me to bring an atypical perspective. I'm versatile and curious, I learn fast and I listen well. Here are a few more things that define me:
Swiss Army knife
Wayfinding, experiential design, branding, print, and web design – it might seem like a rather wide-ranging expertise but I have indeed spent years working in each field. I have worked closely with clients, web developers, sign fabricators, and print vendors alike and I've thoroughly enjoyed each of these collaborations.
Throughout my career, I've had the chance to work on diverse projects and in a variety of settings, from corporate America to tech startups, and high-end design studios. 
Deep thinking
Among this patchwork, there is a common thread for me: creating a meaningful experience. To be impactful, designs must create an emotional connection with those who experience it. And to be meaningful, the experience must be shaped by the story it wants to tell.
I'm at my best when I can craft thoughtful narratives that drive my design decisions.
Wonderfully contradictory
I've learned to embrace this about myself. I can seem shy in social situations, but I'm not afraid to speak up when it matters. Daydreaming is my favorite pastime, but I'm also very pragmatic and analytical. I need freedom and independence, yet I won't thrive without structure and organization.
French-Portuguese-American – yes, that's also a lot of nationalities. I'm half French and half Portuguese by birth. I grew up in France with frequent trips to Lisbon and Ericeira (before those were hot destinations). Then I spent 15 happy years in the US and today my American culture provides an interesting counterbalance to my french roots.
I currently live in Europe where I was enjoying a slow digital nomad lifestyle before lingering longer in Paris. 
I must thank Oly Balza for coining this term which perfectly describes me. I have too many interests to be able to to fully explore them all, but over the years I've enjoyed practicing many sports (martial arts, yoga, volleyball, climbing, hiking, skiing, ballet, horse riding), playing the cello (I've joined community orchestras and chamber music ensembles) watching movies (arthouse, animation, series from dark to soapy), listening to music (folk, bluegrass, indie, classical, weird stuff), reading books (graphic novels, epic novels, memoirs, art books), traveling, and gardening. I've been drawing since I could hold a pen and museums are my happy place.
Generally, I love being outside, getting my hands dirty, and biking everywhere.
Soft skills
Art directing
Project Management
CAD Tools
Sign Agent

French (native)
English (fluent)
Portuguese (intermediate)
Web design
Wayfinding & Signage
Donor Recognition
Vendor Sourcing 
Fabrication Management 
Design intent drawings 
Location Plans 
Comprehensive Sign Plans
ADA Compliance
Zoning + Code Compliance
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