I’m a French/American/Portuguese designer who combines a strategic mind with creative affitnity.
I’ve worked on print, digital and environmental projects, often handling them from beginning to end. I like designs that are driven by their meaning. I can’t be satisfied with just making things pretty and I’m happiest when I can use design to create an experience for the audience through various media. I’m typographically detail oriented and I have a great can-do-design attitude.
I can work very well on my own, but I would much rather work with a team. I don’t
come to work just to design, I come to work to do something great with the people
I work with. I like to take on responsibilities beyond design and I take my contribution
to the team culture very seriously.
Aside from designing, I spend a lot of time practicing Taekwondo and cello.
I also love cinema, music, being outside, getting my hands dirty, and biking to work.
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