Ignite Conference

Booth structure and design for K2 is a software company that sells a platfom allowing developers to build custom business applications. I created a surprising and energetic structure to echo the theme of the event. The application was later reused for career fairs, as a way to show potential candidate what the company is all about.

I wanted the structure to reflect the qualities of the K2 product: interconnection, modularity, seamless flow between on-prem and cloud softwares.
A few engineering and budgetary restrictions later,
this is more or less the final structure:

One of the booth elements was a monitor stand. On one side, it displayed event informations, but on the other side, I suggested an interactive touchscreen that would allow the customer to learn more about the K2 product on his own.
The touchscreen featured product videos, interviews with customers, product benefits and specific industry information.
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